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World Book in a Day

Key audience

Families with young children


To encourage families to tell stories and do craft activities with their children

On World Book Day it's always hard to get famous authors, as everyone is booked up a year in advance, and it's hard to come up with original engaging ideas to encourage family reading. This year we used storytelling group A Word In Edgeways[1]to run family sessions at Luton Central Library encouraging children (with their parent's help) to create illustrations to the stories they told. The pictures were line drawings, paintings and collages, which were then scanned in alongside the written stories, to create a book of stories from around the world that the families collected the next week.

It proved to be a very successful event, with three sessions throughout the day and lots of happy families who had a "book" to remember the activity by. The event was promoted through local radio and newspapers.


For more information contact Fiona Marriott

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