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A short introduction to The Poetry Society

The Poetry Society is an organisation with 3600 members, which has been at the centre of UK, and international poetry for nearly 100 years. It is an Arts Council regularly funded organisation and also receives support from the Foyle Foundation and many other trusts and funds.


“To help poetry and poets thrive in the UK today” To achieve this goal the society helps facilitate a diverse range of events, workshops, and school, and community projects throughout the UK, encouraging people to read, write, and enjoy more poetry.


The Poetry Society is a membership organisation for schools, institutions and individuals from all over the world.

Stanzas – At present we have 60 stanza groups all over the UK; the groups are free to start and join for all our members. Stanzas give you the chance to meet other members, attend local workshops, and readings, as well as enter the Stanza Poetry Competition.

Poetry Landmarks – online information mapping poetry events, and organisations across the country


National Poetry Competition – annual poetry prize judged anonymously by a new set of poets each year.

Foyle Young Poets Competition – FYP is our free competition for all 11-17 year olds, with fantastic prizes for the winning poets and their schools.


Poetry Review – published by The Poetry Society, but under the independent editorship of Fiona Sampson, bringing together poetry from emerging talents, established favourites, and diverse cultures and perspectives.

Poetry News – newsletter updating members about the society and the world of poetry.

Jumpstart - Written by Cliff Yates, an insight into how poetry reading and writing can be integrated into the everyday life of secondary schools.

The Poetry Book for Primary Schools - A collection of poems, games, interviews, lesson-ideas and debate to enhance poetry teaching throughout the primary years.


Poetryclass – INSET training sessions and resources encouraging creative writing and offering active approaches to curriculum texts.

Poets in Schools – Not only organising workshops and talks in schools, but museums, and arts and community centres, to help inspire children and teachers to get reading and writing poetry.

Teaching resources – we provide resources for Primary & Secondary education, including books, free lesson plans, and cross curriculum poetry packs.

Poetry Café

Our central London café, where you can enjoy a diverse range of poetry, comedy and music events.


The Poetry Society – 020 7420 9880

The Poetry Café – 020 7420 9888

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