Telling Tales – A Children’s Book Festival delivered in East Staffordshire by Staffordshire Library Service

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Project overview

Key aims and objectives

It was clear from the verbal and written feedback from the children, their parents/carers and teachers that they found the events to be inspirational, stimulating and entertaining. Many of the children came back into the library during the weeks following the festival asking for books by the authors, illustrators and poets. It was obvious from their comments that they had genuinely enjoyed the events and been inspired and encouraged to read more/something new.

For many of the children, this was their first visit/experience of a public library. When given the chance, several children took the opportunity to join the library on the day of their class visit.

Teachers reported that book discussions carried on back at school long after the events. On one occasion a teacher commented that some of ‘her boys’ who didn’t own books and never read, were actually ‘fighting’ over books when they returned to school following one class visit to meet an author!

The children clearly found it really exciting to meet the authors, poets and illustrators. For some it certainly encouraged them to read the books or to start to write poetry.

Link to the National Year of Reading

The Book Festival focussed on one of the key target audiences - children from pre-school to secondary age. It also targeted the parents and carers of younger children through special baby bounce and rhyme / story sessions. The festival linked with the October National Year of Reading theme ‘Word of Mouth’, through storytellers, poets and authors reading aloud their work.

Feedback from teachers

“Once again thank you for another super activities session. The children were really inspired”

“Dreadlock Alien was fantastic! Staff and students were raving about how good he was and are really keen to have him again, perhaps for a whole Year group/Theme Day on Respect or Anti-bullying. Heard one boy say on way out of workshop, "That was great! Wish we could do it again!" “

Contact details

Kevin Reynolds (District Manager):

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