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'A New Book Review Club has been launched in Birmingham for Library Services at Home’s (Housebound) Members.'

The book review club takes place once a month at an agreed time in the afternoon. The meeting place for the book review club is quite simply in the participants own home. Each member of the book club uses their own telephone to listen and chat with the other members of the book review club. There are no charges made to the telephone bill and the telephone number is treated as private and confidential.

The reading group has been meeting since March 2008 and involves six Library Services at Home members, with one taking the role of facilitator and one member of library staff on hand to support the group. The facilitator and staff member undertook 2 hours of telephone training that was provided by Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) and the Community Network organisation to familiarise themselves with how the teleconference works.

The books reviewed so far are ‘The Tenko Club’ by Elizabeth Noble and ‘The Case of the Missing Books’ by Ian Sansom. There is a mixture of reading formats within the group - OP, LP TBK on Cassette and CD's. All members have a laminated sheet with the group’s photographs and names on to give the teleconferencing chat a more friendly and personal feel. The discussions last around one hour. There is a planned meeting of the book club in late May at Library Services at Home’s base for the members to meet face to face.

This teleconferencing book club has been made possible with the help and support of the Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP) and the Conference Call Link-up is provided by the Community Network. The RSVP pays the Community Network for the telephone time).


Helen Connery Manager, Library Services at Home

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