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Having read the Reading Champions criteria we felt we could nominate our Year 7 and 8 boys who have taken part in shadowing the Carnegie Award and our monthly reading club. These are some of our Gifted and Talented boys and are regular readers in the Learning Resource Centre; often to be seen sitting reading and discussing books at lunchtime.

As a result of making them Reading Champions, we have agreed that they will wear their badges when reading at lunchtimes. This has encouraged other pupils to ask them about books they are reading and to recommend books for them. However, we do have girls who fit this category, so we have devised a scheme called Star Reader and are making badges and certificates for them, modelling them on the Champion certificates. Our experience has shown that in this school it is not cool to read, so even good readers do not like to admit that they like reading. We think the Reading Champions and Star Readers scheme will begin to change this attitude. We have put a display of photos of our Champions and Star Readers around the school for other pupils and staff to see.

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