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Promoting NYR in Staffordshire

Within Staffordshire we were able to create a multi-agency steering group early in the year. One of our first tasks was to decide what was the best way to promote NYR across the whole county and reach those people who are able to influence others and to make sure that the message reaches all services.

We decided that one of the best ways we could do this was to produce a presentation and use it to go out to groups with influence


We produced a presentation that included the following elements; background to NYR, how it will work nationally and locally, Staffordshire's multi-agency steering group, 2 main national campaigns, DCFS target audience and Staffordshire's, objectives both national and Staffordshire's, some thoughts about Staffordshire's possible legacy, monthly themes. Finally the presentation described what was already planned and encouraged the group to engage in a discussion as to what their contribution to the year would be and how they could work with the steering group. At the beginning of the presentation there was also the facility to show the NYR advert.


During the year my colleagues and I toured the presentation around the county to various groups, organisations and interested parties either doing a formal presentation of the whole package or using more relevant bits depending on the audience. The groups and individuals that we engaged with in this way were

District Childrens Trust Boards This was definately the best and more profitable audience as each Board had representation from the district council, county council services, volunteer groups, schools, health and other interesetd parties Diirectorate Management Team This consists of the Corporate Director, 3 Deputy Directors and linked Councillors for the Children and Lifelong Learning Direcorate. It was important that we received their support and buyin from the beginning which was enthusiastically given Looked After Children Division As a target audience they were another important contact and working with them was crutial Full Council We produced a display and talked them through the year and its hoped for impact before a council meeting. It was very gratifying to realise that there was a great deal of understanding and knowledge already there Volunteer Organisation Another important partner who were later very interested in the publication about volunteers Further Education We talked through the presentation with our local university Children with Sight and Hearing Imparment

The presentation was also used as a basis to inform our 8 library areas

The Libraries sub group of the Multi-agency steering group felt that this resource was an excellent tool and worth the effort of producing. In a large county one cannot hope to reach everyone and this method of cascading information and engaging partners worked well.

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