Picturing Europe: A Travelling Exhibition in Kent

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Kent County Council's Libraries and Archives team has worked with WingedChariot Press to bring 'Picturing Europe', a new 3D exhibition of children's book illustrations from across Europe, to Kent.

The Picturing Europe Exhibition presents a unique exhibit of books and illustrations from all corners of the European Union. From Poland to Portugal these special stories and images reflect the diverse and vibrant nature of European culture. The title ‘When we lived in Uncle’s Hat’ has been included in Riveting Reads/Book Ahead campaign for the National Year of Reading 2008. This interactive exhibition features illustrations in fun Perspex cubes, a library of original language picture books and a free resource CD- ROM for schools and libraries. The exhibition launched at the European Commission in London on September 24th 2008 and is travelling around Kent Libraries

The exhibition will travel to the following Kent Libraries:

KCC Cabinet Member for Communities, Mike Hill said: "This exhibition will allow Kent people to find out about some fantastic children's stories that provide an insight into European literature. The fun illustrations really bring the books to life. We are very excited to host the exhibition and I'm sure many families will enjoy it."

Key audiences

Families, parents and guardians, teachers, children, Polish and European Communities in Kent


This is a new and innovative project to celebrate the Cultural Olympiad and the legacy of the National Year of Reading.

I contacted the publishers because I felt the illustrations in their books were sophisticated enough to look striking in a gallery/Library space.

I was hoping to develop a book led exhibition experience for library gallery spaces and libraries in general.

I hope to use this project as a precedent/springboard to approach larger and more established publishers to encourage them to create exhibitions of popular and interesting books for Kent Library spaces.

Likely Outcomes

(The project is only in the third month qualitative and quantitative evidence of impact will be evaluated at six months into the project and on completion.)

The Future

The exhibition will run until August 2009. I am currently in dialogue with Wingedchariot about other projects. I hope to approach other publishers to possibly do something similar.

Please see the update report here at Update


WingedChariot Press a young publisher of children's books in translation. Neal Hoskins neal@wingedchariot.com

Contact details for the project

Michelle Giles, Service Development Librarian Culture, Young People and the 2012 Olympics(michelle.giles@kent.gov.uk)

Website links for more information

The teaching resources along with further information about the exhibition can be found on the Winged Chariot website: www.wingedchariot.com

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