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Oswestry Reads - a Shropshire town's reading campaign

What is the project? Oswestry Reads is a campaign to enthuse everyone in the Shropshire market town of Oswestry to read the same book during the National Year of Reading. It is coordinated by staff at Oswestry Library (Shropshire Libraries). The key audience is everyone in the town aged between 10 and 100+.

Aims of the project

What happened in Stage 1 A shortlist of five book titles designed to have broad appeal was drawn up and a six-week voting period launched from January 1st 2008. Local schools and organisations were invited to champion a title and the local newspaper, the Oswestry and Border Counties Advertizer, featured one book each week. The newspaper's website also ran an online voting poll. The shortlisted books and their champions were:

The winning title was announced on World Book Day, March 6th 2008, and was Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce

What happened in Stage 2 250 serviced copies were added to library stock and distributed to local primary and secondary schools and to reading groups. 250 unserviced copies were added to Framed book packs and placed in coffee shops, surgeries, and staff rooms of local shops and businesses in the town. Partial funding was obtained from a commercial source - Richard Burbidge Ltd. - and from Oswestry Borough Council. Spoken word copies were placed in local residential homes and on wards in the nearby hospital. A series of events and activities were planned to inspire interest in the book and to bring groups of people together to share their enthusiasm for the book:


For further information about the project contact Heather Rodenhurst at Oswestry Library. Email: heather.rodenhurst@shropshire.gov.uk

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