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For more information about how the NYR was endorsed by the Senior Directors Leadership team read the article Warwickshire partnerships.

For more information about what was delivered as part of the NYR in Warwickshire read the article Achievements in Warwickshire 2008


Who delivered the NYR in Warwickshire?

The Coordinator was seconded from the library service, having previously undertaken the role of Coordinator of the Switched on to Reading project. This enabled a smooth transition into the role, with a co-ordinator already familiar with the county and its procedures. The role was funded as a half-post position as part of the joint funding of the year

The Steering group which was able to be drawn together quickly at the start of the project had a crucial role in making links and getting activities off the ground.

In addition there was a libraries’ NYR group with members drawn from the 5 districts of the county. These would bid in for activities across a range of audiences enabling ownership and contact ‘on the ground’ for the co-ordinator to ensure events ran smoothly.

A paid Coordinator

At the outset in Warwickshire it was recognised that a dedicated Coordinator for the National Year of Reading was going to be essential so the most successful delivery and particularly to :

Overall in retrospect, having a Coordinator provided a key resource to support communications to, and engagement with partners, and drove local activity. Importantly it also meant that more could be done, opportunities were exploited that otherwise would be missed and Warwickshire delivered a successful campaign locally with a wide range of partners.


Many of the following were represented on the steering group which met quarterly and also communicated by email.

A final meeting to discuss evaluation and legacy will be held in January 2009.

For more information

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